Eduardo Beltranena

Adjunct Professor, Pork Research Scientist, Feed & Feeding

Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Edmonton
(780) 427-4567

Job/Research Area

Feed Research Scientist

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Research areas are mainly feeds, ingredient processing, coproduct generation, impact on pork quality.
Major responsibilities/research interests include:

Lead, develop and implement research that enhances the feeding of Prairie-grown grains and pulses to hogs, broilers and fish

Investigate novel processing technologies to produce value-added coproducts that have both industrial and feeding applications

Evaluate feed coproducts and feeding strategies to maximize dietary inclusion rates and nutrient utilization, reduce nutrient excretion

Test the effects of feeding novel grains, pulses and their coproducts on carcass characteristics, lean yield and meat quality 

Assess the use of hormonal products and antigens to enhance gilt pool management, growth and pork yield of immunocastrates

Selected Publications:

Beltranena, E., D.F. Salmon, L.A. Goonewardene, and R.T. Zijlstra. 2008. "Triticale as a replacement for wheat in diets for weaned pigs. " Can. J. Anim. Sci. (CJAS08025 accepted).

Degenstein, K.L., R.O. Donoghue, J.L. Patterson, E. Beltranena, D.J. Ambrose, G.R. Foxcroft, and M.K. Dyck. 2008. "Synchronization of ovulation in cyclic gilts with porcine luteinizing hormone (pLH) and its effects on reproductive function." Theriogenology (accepted).

Zijlstra, R.T., K. Lopetinsky, and E. Beltranena. 2008. "The nutritional value of zero-tannin faba bean for grower-finisher pigs." Can. J. Anim. Sci. 88:293-302.

Oresanya, T.F., A.D. Beaulieu, E. Beltranena, and J.F. Patience. 2007. "The effect of dietary energy concentration and total lysine/digestible energy ratio on the growth performance of weaned pigs." Can. J. Anim. Sci. 87:45 - 55.

Wierenga, K.T., E. Beltranena, J.L. Yáñez and R.T. Zijlstra. 2007. "Starch and energy digestibility in weaned pigs fed extruded zero-tannin faba bean starch and wheat as an energy source." Can. J. Anim. Sci. 88:65-69.