Valerie Carney

Adjunct Professor, Poultry Research and Extension Specialist

Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Edmonton
(780) 415 2269

Job/Research Area 

Poultry Research and Extension Specialist 

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests 

Facilitator of collaborative relationships between researchers, industry partners and other research organizations

  • Project manager for science based seminars and workshops to poultry industry
  • Technical writer and editor of technical bulletins and trade magazine articles
  • Lead researcher and collaborator of research that addresses industry and funding agency priorities and capitalizes on new technologies
  • Co-writer of operational improvement grants for the Poultry Research Centre
  • Proven team player as liaison between the Poultry Research Centre advisory board, leadership team, researchers, and industry partners
  • Supervisor and mentor of research staff and students
  • Investigated feasibility of new technology integration to develop solutions and improve product quality

Selected Publications: 

Schneider, B. L.,Renema, R. A, Betti, M., Carney V.L.  and Zuidhof, M.J. 2012. Effect of holding temperature, shackling, sex, and age on broiler breast meat quality. Poultry Science 91: 468-477


Betti, M., Schneider, B. L., Wismer, W. V., Carney, V. L., Zuidhof, M. J. and Renema, R. A. 2009. Omega-3 enriched broiler meat: 2. Functional properties, oxidative stability and consumer acceptance. Poultry Science. 88:1085-1095.


Zuidhof, M. J., Betti, M., Korver, D.R., Hernandez, F.I.L., Schneider, B.L., Carney, V.L., Robinson, F.E. and Renema, R.A. 2009. Omega-3 enriched broiler meat: 1. Optimization of a production system. Poultry Science 88:1108-1120.


Wolanski, N. J., R. A. Renema, F. E. Robinson, V. L. Carney, B. I. Fancher. 2006. Relationship between chick conformation and quality measures with early growth traits in males of eight selected pure or commercial broiler breeder strains. Poult. Sci. 85:1490-1497


Melnychuk, V. L., J. D. Kirby, Y. K. Kirby, D. A. Emmerson, N. B. Anthony.  Effect of strain, feed allocation program and age of photostimulation on reproductive development and carcass characteristics of broiler breeder hens.  Poult. Sci.83:1861-1867