Animal Science

Animal Science research spans a number of  disciplines including animal nutrition and metabolism, sustainable management, physiology, molecular genetics, genomics, reproductive efficiency and prenatal development, ethology, and carcass and meat quality.  Research programs address issues of importance to the beef, dairy, swine, and poultry industries such as food safety, food quality, production efficiency and sustainability, and environmental health.

Significant contributions are being made in the areas of:

  • Livestock Genomics: Identification of genes related to economically important traits in cattle, swine, and other livestock species and application of this knowledge for improved production efficiency, animal health, and environmental sustainability. 
  • Nutrition and Metabolism: Better understanding of nutrient digestion and metabolism leading to improved production efficiency, animal health, new meat and dairy products, and agricultural sustainability.
  • Nutritional Immunology: Understanding the relationship between nutrition and immune response and how this contributes to the development of major diseases affecting livestock species.
  • Reproductive Physiology: Understanding the mechanisms controlling reproduction and early embryonic development with application to issues of importance to the livestock industry such as improved reproductive efficiency.
  • Feed Processing: Accurate ingredient evaluation and optimization of feed processing leading to predictable performance of agricultural species.
  • Carcass and Meat Science: Understanding the effects of ante-mortem and post-mortem factors on carcass and meat quality. Also the study of meat processing and products technology leading to improved meat quality and new product development. 

Research is well supported by the world-class infrastructure available through the Kinsella Research Station, the Edmonton Research Station (including dairy, poultry, swine, and metabolic units), and the Central Laboratories on main campus. These facilities are capable of accommodating large scale, experimental and intensive livestock research. In addition, laboratory and pilot-plant facilities at Agri-Food Discovery Place on the Edmonton Research Station supports research in meat quality, safety and processing.

People, Facilities and Related Resources