Food Science and Bioresource Technology

Food Science and Bioresource Technology research takes an integrated approach to value-added utilization of agricultural commodities, targeting both food and industrial products. Research programs exist in food microbiology, food processing, food engineering, and bioresource technology. Research addresses consumer demand for food safety and quality, develops food processing technologies, creates innovative food and industrial products, and develops valuable bioproducts from agricultural commodities and waste.

Significant contributions are being made in the areas of:

  • Food Microbiology:  Development of innovative applications for lactic acid bacteria, bacteriocins, probiotics, novel antimicrobials for food preservation, and fermentation processes for production of bacterial enzymes, with a strategic focus on food safety.
  • Food Processing: New knowledge and technical innovations in food chemistry, food and materials physics, sensory and consumer science, and food processing engineering (including new processing technologies such as supercritical fluid extraction and fractionation, membrane processes, extrusion processing, novel emulsion technologies, modified atmosphere packaging, and minimal processing). Outcomes include new processing technologies for improved efficiency and recovery of high value components, development of value-added products from plant proteins, lipids and by-products for food and non-food applications, and development of novel food and neutraceutical products from meat, milk and eggs.
  • Carcass and Meat Science: Understanding the effects of ante-mortem and post-mortem factors on carcass and meat quality. Also the study of meat processing and products technology leading to improved meat quality and new product development. 
  • Bioresource Engineering: Industrial application of chemical, thermal, and biological systems for the conversion of conventional agricultural products to biofuels, platform chemicals, and other value-added commodities.


Facilities include laboratories for analysis, characterization and bench-top development and Agri-Food Discovery Place for pilot-scale process development, including level 2 biosafety processing and solvent processing facilities.

People, Facilities and Related Resources