Lorne Babiuk

Lorne Babiuk


Phone: 780-492-5353
Email: lorne.babiuk@ualberta.ca
Department: Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science
Office: 2-51 South Academic Building
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
2-51 South Academic Building
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2G7


B.S.A., University of Saskatchewan, 1967, College of Agriculture, Soil ScienceM.Sc., University of Saskatchewan, 1969, Department of Soil Science, Soil Microbiology

Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 1972, Department of Microbiology, Virology

D.Sc., University of Saskatchewan, 1987, Department of Veterinary Microbiology

Job/Research Area

Immunology, pathogenesis, virology, molecular virology and vaccinology

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

A world leader in Canadian vaccine research, Dr. Babiuk has devoted his career to Canadian-based research to advance the health of humans and animals in Canada and internationally. One of the many vaccines he developed laid the foundation for a rotavirus vaccine for children. Before vaccination, over 500,000 children died each year from rotavirus—now it is almost a thing of the past. His vaccine also saves the cattle industry in North America $300 million a year.

Dr. Babiuk is a global authority in infectious diseases—particularly virology, immunology and vaccine delivery. Before taking up his current position as University of Alberta’s Vice-President Research, Dr. Babiuk founded an internationally recognized research institute, the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) in Saskatoon. Under his leadership, VIDO grew into an internationally recognized research powerhouse and launched a $140 million bio-containment facility—the only one of its kind in Canada.

He has published over 500 manuscripts, been awarded 40 patents and trained over 100 PhD and post-doctoral fellows who have gone on to successful careers in academia, industry and government. Dr. Babiuk’s manuscripts have been cited over 14,000 times with an H factor of 56 and he continues to contribute to the advancement human and animal health.

In addition to being University of Alberta’s Vice-President Research, Dr. Babiuk serves on numerous committees helping to set science policy in Canada and around the world.

Selected Publications

Babiuk, L.A., Mohammed, K., Spence, L., Fauvel, M., Petro, R. J. 1977. Clinical Microbiology Virol. 6: 610-617.

Cox, G., Zamb, T., and Babiuk, L.A. 1993. Bovine herpesvirus-1:  Immune responses in mice and cattle injected with plasmid DNA. J. Virol. 67:  5664-5667.

Misra, V., Blumenthal, R.M., Babiuk, L.A.  1981. Proteins specified by bovine herpesvirus-1 (infectious bovine-rhinotracheitis virus).  J. Virol. 40: 367-378.

Rankin, R., Pontarollo R., Ioannou, X, S., Krieg, A.M., Hecker, R., Babiuk, L.A., van Drunen Little-van den Hurk, S. 2001. CpG motif identification for veterinary and laboratory species demonstrates that sequence recognition is highly conserved.  Antisense Nucleic Acid Drug Dev. 11: 333-340.

Garlapati, S., Eng, N.F., Kiros, T.G., Kindrachuck, J., Mutwiri, G.K., Hancock, R.E., Halperin, S.A., Potter, A.A., Babiuk, L.A., Gerdts, V. 2011. Immunization with PCEP microparticles containing pertussis toxoid, CpG ODN and a synthetic innate defense regulator peptide induces protective immunity against pertussis. Vaccine. 29(38), 6540-6548.


  • Officer of the Order of Canada
  • Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Member of the European Academy of Sciences
  • Canada Gairdner Wightman
  • Killam Prize in Health Sciences
  • Member of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame