Dean Spaner


Phone: 780-492-2328
Department: Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science
Office: 4-16D Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
4-16D Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2P5


PhD, McGill University

Job/Research Area

Plant Breeding / Organic Agriculture

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Our research group works in two general areas:

1) Conventional breeding (and genetic research) of wheat.

2) Agronomy and breeding of wheat for organic agricultural environments.

We work mainly in the fields and in greenhouses. In addition to a fully operational modern research farm and greenhouse facilities, we also have 11 acres of farmland on the South Campus devoted to organic agricultural research. We conduct some research on organic and conventional farms in central Alberta, and in affiliation with the Cereal Development Centre of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in Lacombe. We collaborate extensively with many breeding programs within the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada network, and trial much material from CIMMYT in Mexico.

I do not work with genetic transformation technologies, and do not operate a biotechnology laboratory. Students are free to explore inheritance studies within departmentally supported laboratories. I am also interested in agricultural projects related to sustainable technologies in the Developing World, and some graduate students work on such projects..

Examples of MSc and PhD student projects conducted by our group

Theses completed:

1) Alana Kelbert, MSc. 2003 An agronomic, morphological, and breeding examination of lodging in bread wheat.
2) Brian Love. 2004. Trees in pastures in Herrera Panama, with special reference to small-scale farmers.
3) Rory Degenhardt (Co-supervised with Dr. Linda Hall), MSc. 2004. The biology and control of field violet.
4) Shan Lohr, MSc. 2005. Comparison of spring triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) microspore pretreatments to reduce doubled haploid production time
5) Dan Stanton, MSc. 2006. Agronomic evaluation of early maturing maize hybrids in central Alberta.
6) Muhamad Iqbal, PhD. 2006. The genetics of earliness in Canadian spring wheat.
7) Heather Mason, PhD. 2006. Aboveground weed competitive ability of spring wheat in organic and conventional management systems.
8) Amelia Kaut, MSc. 2007. Wheat cultivar and cereal species mixture use in organic and conventionally managed agricultural systems.
9) Brian Love, PhD. 2007. Characterization and evaluation of tree, maize, and upland rice genetic resources in the Azuero region of Panama. PhD
10) Jerome Bernier, PhD. 2008. Identification and characterization of quantitative trait loci for drought resistance in upland rice (Oryza sativa L.)
11) Todd Reid, PhD. 2010. The genetics of competitive ability in spring wheat.
12) Alison Nelson, PhD. 2011. Soil microbial communities as affected by spring wheat cultivar and grain mixtures in organic and conventional management systems.


Projects in progress

1) The genetics and breeding of early maturity in spring wheat [Atif Kamran PhD and Hua Chen PhD]
2) Stem sawfly management in wheat (Brian Beres PhD)
3) Soil microbial communities as affected by spring wheat cultivar, cultivar and weeds in organic and conventional systems [Alison Nelson PhD and Hiroshi Kubota MSc]
4) Enhanced doubled haploid production in wheat (Muhammad Asif PhD)
5) Low P tolerance in wheat (Klaus Strenzke MSc)
6) Agronomy of modern Triticale cultivars (Graham Collier MSc)
7) Genetics of rust resistance (Neshat Pazooki MSc)


Undergrad Course: PL SC 355 : Cereals, Oilseeds and Pulse Crop Production
Undergrad Course: PL SC 324 : Crop Physiology and the Environment
Graduate Course: AFNS 660 : Communications in Science


Publications 2005 - 2011

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