Martin Zuidhof

Associate Professor

Phone: 780-248-1655
Department: Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science
Office: 4-10M Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
4-10M Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2P5


PhD, University of Alberta

Job/Research Area 

Poultry Systems Modeling 

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests 

Dr. Zuidhof is a leader in the Poultry Research Centre, an effective partnership between the University of Alberta, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, and the poultry industry. His research focuses on nonlinear models of growth and yield of poultry, as affected by nutrition, management, and genetics. His research group recently developed the concept of residual maintenance requirement, which shows promise as a novel selection criterion for efficiency in livestock. 

Dr. Zuidhof's team recently developed a precision feeding system for poultry. Precision feeding can be used to feed the right bird the right amount of feed at the right time, addressing hatching egg producers’ biggest technical management challenge. With it, the team has have achieved very high flock uniformity (2% CV in body weight) in multiple studies. Precision feeding increases efficiency and reduces the environmental footprint of meat production.

The precision feeding system facilitates high quality research with free-run birds, addressing a major social issue of animal confinement. An informational video provides context for and describes the general operation of the system: Zuidhof, 2014.  


Animal Science 200: Principles of Animal Agriculture 
Animal Science 471: Applied Poultry Science

Graduate Career Opportunities 

Highly qualified prospective PhD and MSc students are encouraged to apply. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, complemented by mathematical and computer programming aptitude are essential for acceptance. 

Selected Publications 

Pishnamazi, A., R. A. Renema, D. C. Paul, I. I. Wenger, and M. J. Zuidhof*. 2015. Effects of environmental temperature and dietary energy on energy partitioning coefficients of female broiler breeders. J. Anim. Sci. doi:10.2527/jas2015-9214.

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