Food Microbiology

About the Laboratory

The Food Microbiology Laboratory is located on the second floor of the Agricultural Forestry Centre.  This facility supports research focusing on the functions and characteristics of food related microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, Listeria and Clostridia.  Visit the webpages for Dr Lynn McMullen and Dr Michael Gänzle for more information about the research conducted.   The lab infrastructure is used by graduate students, summer students and post-doctoral fellows dealing with varying aspects of food microbiology.  The Food Microbiology Laboratory is equipped for a host of microbiological applications.  There are anaerobic systems for specialized growth of strict anaerobes and biosafety cabinets for research focusing on pathogens.  Other equipment includes phase contrast and fluorescent microscopes, RNA dedicated area, microfluidizer, freeze dryer system, Fast Flow Fractionation and Varioskan systems.

Research Team

There are two main principal investigators currently using the area.  However, the food microbiology laboratory infrastructure is available for departmental use.  There are several other investigators that have students using the infrastructure of the food microbiology lab.

Main investigators

Lynn McMullen
Professor - Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science / Alberta Veterinary Research Institute 

Michael Ganzle
Professor - Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science / Alberta Veterinary Research Institute 

Departmental Support

Heather Vandertol-Vanier (MSc) has a Master of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology.   Heather’s role in the lab is teaching and administrative duties of the lab area.  As a departmental employee, she is responsible for all biosafety aspects of the lab.  Being a Level 2 Biosafety lab requires strict adherence to standard operating procedures to ensure that work is performed safely.  Heather is responsible for the scientific equipment in 2-50 AF. 

Heather Vandertol-Vanier
Food Microbiology Technologist

Room: 2-50 Ag/For Centre
Phone: (780) 492-3634