Current Studies

The studies below are actively recruiting participants:

APrON (Alberta Pregnancy related Outcomes and Nutrition)

In what will be the biggest study examining pregnant women’s nutrition and the development of their infants - including physical and mental health - researchers at the University of Alberta are looking for 5000 pregnant women to join the study.
In developed countries, it’s often assumed that people have adequate nutrient intake. However, nutrient deficiencies are very common and the impact of poor diet is magnified during pregnancy. “A woman’s nutrient needs increase during both pregnancy and breastfeeding due to extra demands from the developing baby” says Dr. Catherine Field, one of the researchers conducting the study. “Studies have implicated that the environment in which a baby develops has long-lasting health effects.”
Previous research has demonstrated an association between nutrient inadequacies and mental health. Although nutrition is well accepted as being important during pregnancy, its impact on the mental health of pregnant women has not been well investigated.
This study is working in conjunction with WCHRI (Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute). Other pregnancy-related studies are conducted through WCHRI. For more information on these studies, please contact 780-407-2024 or visit

For more information on APrON ,  or if you are interested in participating in this study please contact Sarah Loehr (780-240-1133).  You may also visit the study website at .



TANGO: The Alberta Nutrition Guideline Outcomes in Recreational Facilities

Purpose: Researchers at the University of Alberta are studying the barriers and facilitators to using the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth in recreational facilities.

Eligibility: Recreational facilities that are and are not using the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth are all eligible to participate.

What do I have to do? If you are selected to participate, researchers will visit your facility to find out about the barriers and facilitators to using the guidelines. We will do this through interviewing managers and studying the food environment in your facility. We will assess all the foods available for sale in the facility, and will categorize them using the criteria in the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth. At the end of the study you will receive a copy of the full report.

Participation in the study is completely confidential. The facility and individual participants will never be identified.

For further information contact: Dana Olstad, MSc, RD;; 780-991-4765.